Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letter to the Editor

After some excellent editing assistance I got my letter seeded down enough to hopefully get published! Watch for it in the. Omaha World Herald. In case you miss it(or it doesn't get published) here it is...

To the editor:

An article in the March 11 World-Herald reported on a medical malpractice award. The injury referred to was sustained after a situation occurred called "shoulder dystocia." According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, most cases of shoulder dystocia cannot be predicted and there is no accurate method to identify which fetuses will develo the condition. Dr. Henry Lerner, a leading authority on shoulder dystocia, says that brachial plexus injury can be completely unrelated to shoulder dystocia. It happens in both vaginal and cesarean deliveries where shoulder dystocia is not present. He also says, "This automatic assignment of responsibility to an OB or Midwife for brachial plexus injury whenever shoulder dystocia occurs is inappropriate and not supported by literature."

The statements made by the attorneys in the article showed bias and ignorance. Midwives in Nebraska consistently have excellent outcomes with high consumer satisfaction. Nebraskans would only benefit from having more midwives available to them for prenatal and maternity care.

Pretty good right!? For more info on shoulder dystocia check out Dr. Lerner's website:

To get involved and support access to midwives check out Nebraska Friends of Midwives:

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